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Online Petition (18 April 2017) 

 Petition signed by TTDI residents and submitted to DBKL by the RA TTDI.

June 17 2016


To: Pengarah, Jabatan Perancangan Bandaraya,

Tingkat 7-10, Menara DBKL 1, Jalan Raja Laut,

50350 Kuala Lumpur.




We, residents of Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI), protest vehemently against the proposed development ("Proposed Development") of 9 blocks or 2,166 units of apartments (service apartments and affordable housing) on Lot PT9244, Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad, next to Taman Awam Berskala Besar Bukit Kiara (TABB), as indicated in the notice advertised on 14 June 2016. We understand Taman Rimba Kiara has been designated an Open Space and as such should be preserved instead of earmarked for the Proposed Development. We oppose this proposal because it presents significant, materially negative and irreversible impacts on many aspects of the community, social & environmental eco-system in TTDI.  These impacts include, inter alia:  


  1. Exponential increase in density –  The density of the proposed apartments is far too high for the existing area – from 60 persons per acre to as high as 979 persons per acre. This raises concerns around traffic congestion on a day to day basis and lack of adequate parking. Was an independent traffic impact assessment done? Can Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad, already a busy road, and other roads that enter and exit TTDI cope with potentially 16 times increase in population in the area? The additional concentration of traffic and roadside parking will cause traffic problems and create a safety hazard for other motorists.


  1. Quality of life for existing residents - How will this huge increase in residents affect the quality of life in TTDI? Will this introduce new issues of waste and pollution?  Has there been a proper assessment of the impact of this project and how it affects the surrounding areas and residences?  It is well-known that TTDI is considered one of the most desirable locations to live in Kuala Lumpur, precisely for its green surroundings, well-planned development (at origin) and manageable density.  The sheer size of this Proposed Development will unequivocally impose an unprecedented level of stress on the TTDI infrastructure & social eco-system, which is already operating beyond the limits of its original planned capacity. 


  1. Degradative encroachment of Taman Rimba Kiara - Part of the Proposed Development will encroach on the Taman Awam Berskala Besar Bukit Kiara (TABB), known as Taman Rimba Kiara. This is a neighbourhood park that residents of TTDI and Petaling Jaya use for recreation and sport. It is popular with walkers, runners, families and over the years has been used for organised runs, corporate and community events, food festivals and even weddings. The park is also used by nature & birding groups to run sessions on appreciation of nature and learning about birds. There is an ecologically significant variety and diversity of birds living in that park, and the park serves as an important connector for birdlife within the Bukit Kiara green lung. These community spaces and activities should be encouraged and supported by DBKL instead of imposing development projects that reduce / remove such open and community spaces.


  1. Further loss of green space and increase in temperature –  it is well-documented that Kuala Lumpur has experienced a steep increase in temperature in the last 20 years, all of which is caused or influenced by proposed developments like these. The Proposed Development encroaches into an important green space and materially erodes vital green critical mass, which is already so scarce in Kuala Lumpur. The development will degrade, diminish and cut off Taman Rimba Kiara from the rest of the Bukit Kiara green lung, depriving it of the natural sanctuary function that it currently provides to both people and local fauna.  It has the practical effect of materially reducing the effective carbon & heat absorption footprint of the overall Bukit Kiara area, because Taman Rimba Kiara will cease to operate as part of the larger Bukit Kiara green lung.   This is certain to contribute to average temperatures rising in the TTDI area, and further degrade the living environment of TTDI residents, the majority of whom have chosen to live in TTDI for its green surroundings.


We are cognizant at the same time that the proposal includes affordable housing for longhouse residents who have been living adjacent to the Kuil Maha Mariaman.  The commitment to provide long-term permanent housing for the longhouse residents is a long-outstanding commitment which should have been fulfilled by the authorities a long time ago.  We do not object to a modest, well-considered, environmentally-friendly development on the site which fulfils that commitment to the longhouse residents.  However, such commitment can be achieved in a very modest way without the Proposed Development in question.


Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur should be adhering to its role of a responsible council in enhancing the livability factor in areas such as Taman Tun Dr Ismail and protecting our public parks, so that we do not continue to destroy our public spaces, impact our quality of life for us, and more importantly ruin the future for our children and our children's children.


Thank you.


Signed by the following petitioners

Online Petition started on 20 June 2016 (now closed)

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